African Language Newspapers

Here the ALMA site presents examples of certain African language newspapers that are now available in the public domain.

Early Ethiopian Newspapers, Introduction by Brook Abdu

During his regency (1916-1930), the future Emperor Haile Selassie helped establish a local language newspaper tradition by importing a printing press.

Amharic titles such as Berhanena Selam (Lumière et Paix), and Aemro (Knowledge) were some of the earliest to come out. With the Italian invasion of 1936, this early effort was set back.

Nevertheless, the Italian occupation saw new local language newspapers emerge – such as AemroYeQesar Meliktegna (Ceasar’s Envoy) and AemroYeQesar Dimts (Voice of Ceasar).

More languages were eventually published during the British Protectorate period in Eritrea (1941-1952) – with the first ever titles in Tigrinya. These included Nay Eritrea Semonawi Gazeta (Eritrea Weekly News) and Hanti Eritrea (Unified Eritrea). By the 1960s, other Ethiopian languages (Somali and Afaan Oromo) would start to be published.

Berhanena Selam

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