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ALMA news

Jan. 2022: We recently added new videos for 15 artists to the Language of African Music section. 14 of the artists are new to ALMA.

  1. Abdoulsalam Mamoudou Hausa
  2. Aklampa King’s Court Fongbe
  3. Alhassene Ahmed Alhakib Tamasheq
  4. Aroudeini and Ghalitane Tamasheq
  5. Bante Hunter’s Society Nago
  6. Fatimata Barka Tamasheq
  7. Groupe Tinni Bio Nya Songhai
  8. Halarou Alou Hausa
  9. Hwegbe Fongbe
  10. Kinwou Fongbe
  11. Kpele Kabiru of Toui Nago
  12. Mahaman Sani Maigurmi Hausa
  13. Nago Folktales of Bante Nago
  14. Tanyemba Gulmancema
  15. Veronique Agbadahou Nago

ALMA Authors

Read texts from many languages & different writing systems

upper left: Adama Bamba, lower left: Mohamad Mahmud Niang, center: Tifinagh Script, upper right: Zeinabou Gondi, lower right: Elghamis Ramada

African Women Speak Out

Listen to oral histories of African women

top row: Hadja Aminatou Djima, Fatimata Madougou, Mariama Mahame, Haoua Ali
bottom row: Zeinabou Hamadou, Rabi Yazi Dogo, Hadiza Boukaray, Laraba Illia

African Voices

Hear first-person stories from Africans in the diaspora

left: Yelimane Fall, top row: Ada Luntu, Zoliswa Mali bottom row: Akalpa John Akaligaung, Fatimata Coulibaly Sanogo

The Language of African Music

Experience audio and video of over 40 African musicians and groups.

top row: Kusasi Women’s Songs, Lolig Tuopang
bottom row: Farafina, Zarma Wedding songs

Know Your Rights!

Learn about this project to improve the accessibility of human rights charters.

left: Lamine Kane, center: Fatou Kiné Camara, right: Chafi Bakari

Yazi Dogo

Discover the work of this Hausa Theater Icon from the Republic of Niger.

Some of the many contributors to ALMA

Zeinabu Kumanco, Pular Poet and Museum Curator in Labe, Republic of Guinea

Halima Sarmey wrote the history of Niger in Hausa

Mamou Rural Radio Station local language broadcasters and ALMA Director, Prof. John Hutchison

Daramani Tarawele, self-published Malian author with more than 100 Bamanankan titles

Youssouf Haidara, Songhai language author and editor, head of educational reform, Ministry of Education, Bamako, Mali